7 tips to improve your hotel experience

08 Sep 2021
7 tips to improve your hotel experience
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7 tips to improve your hotel experience

At the moment, many hoteliers must be delivering a decent (Read: ORDINARY) guest experience. But people don’t remember “decent”. They remember “EXTRAORDINARY”. They remember personalized experiences, which connect with them. On the other hand, as technology advances (and evolves) your guests’ expectations also increase.

Well, I have listed 7 tips to enhance your hotel guest experience during the stay as well.
  1. Train your staff to be attentive

Your staff is the ultimate point of contact for your guests, so it is essential to train them to deliver a better guest experience. Around 71% of the people love to hear their own name. Instruct your staff to welcome their guests by calling out their last name. For instance: “Hi. Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs.” Teach them to be polite in any situation. Your staffs’ appearance and body language have a huge impact on your guests’ experience as well as on your hotel’s reputation. Make sure your staff is dressed up in neat and pressed uniforms/clothes. They should have a welcoming body language. A timid and lazy body language won’t impress your guests at all.
  1. Level up your in-room amenities

Looking at the current scenario, I’m sure WiFi must be among your basic amenities. As more guests opt to travel with laptops, smartphones, and wearables, ensure that your hotel Wi-Fi is equipped to handle the extra bandwidth needed by all these devices. Moreover, these days, tech-savvy travellers have high expectations from hotels. You can provide them keyless entry to their rooms. (Keyless doors that open automatically when the guest arrives is one thing that is in trend these days.)
  1. Give complimentary services and gifts

It is important for you to show the guests that you care and for that, it is important to create emotional triggers. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Trust me, offering these small gifts and goodies enrich your hotel customer service. For the newly-weds, you can keep a bottle of complimentary champagne.  Complimentary goodies for guests to make their stay memorable
  1. Ensure cleanliness and maintenance

Believe me, most of the complaints on your front desk are for cleanliness and it totally ruins your guest experience. A neat and well-kept room is a part of providing a good hotel guest experience. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ignore the linens and towels. Always, verify that you are keeping fresh, clean linens and towels. You should also check whether the electronic appliances in the rooms are in working condition or not. This will reduce the number of complaints from the guests and will be an add-on to your hotel guest experience.
  1. Offer your hotel’s relevant amenities 

During your guest’s stay, offer them your hotel amenities by sending them messages. You can even reach out to them personally. Now, I would recommend offering hotel amenities by knowing the type of your guest. If they are leisure travellers you can offer them a spa or steam bath. Or you can even offer them guided tours to your locality. Your guests will certainly admire these endeavours from your end.  Amid all these activities, don’t forget to ensure the promptness of your service. Your guests definitely won’t prefer a delayed room-service. Make sure that you serve them quickly with whatever they have asked for.
  1. Remember their preferences

As I said earlier, personalized guest service is a sure-fire way to please your guests. Advanced hotel management systems help you achieve this at a pretty good level. These systems save your guest preferences along with their basic details. Whenever the guests come back, the system remembers this and alerts you to make arrangements accordingly. Even the smallest things like newspaper, coffee flavors, room view, floor choice; the system keep a track of all this information. These are really small gestures, but trust me, it will have a great impact on your hotel guest experience. Your guests will certainly remember these extra efforts and appreciate them.
  1. Listen to your guests’ complaints patiently

Listening is of great significance when it comes to guest satisfaction. Be all ears to your guests, when they are requesting, suggesting or complaining. Whenever you listen to their complaints calmly, they are more receptive to the offered solution. Active listening helps to avoid any miscommunication. It ensures that the expectation of the guests is clearly understood.
By adopting these ways, you can easily enhance your guests’ experience during their stay.

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