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Hotel Amenities That Make Guests Vacation Dreams Come True

Apr 14, 2023
Hotel Amenities That Make Guests Vacation Dreams Come True
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Hotel amenities are important because they can greatly make the guests vacation dreams come true. When guests book a hotel, they expect a certain level of comfort and convenience, and amenities can help to exceed those expectations.

Amenities can range from simple offerings like complimentary Wi-Fi and toiletries to more luxurious features like minibar, hair dryer, digital safe, luggage rack, coffee station, iron station and personalized concierge services. These hotel amenities can create a sense of luxury and exclusivity, making guests feel pampered and well taken care of.

Additionally, hotel amenities can help to differentiate a hotel from its competitors, especially in a crowded market. By offering unique amenities that cater to the needs and desires of guests, hotels can create a memorable and enjoyable experience that encourages guests to return in the future and recommend the hotel to others.

Finally, hotel amenities can also have practical benefits. For example, in-room safes and hotel key card access can enhance guest security, while fitness centers and swimming pools can promote health and wellness during a guest's stay.

Overall, hotel amenities are important because they can enhance the guest experience, differentiate a hotel from its competitors, and provide practical benefits for guests during their stay. By investing in quality amenities, hotels can attract more guests and ensure they have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Hotel Amenities That Cater to Your Guest Every Need

Apr 14, 2023
Hotel Amenities That Cater to Your Guest Every Need
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As a hotel owner or manager, it's important to provide your guests with the best possible experience during their stay. One of the key ways to do this is by offering amenities that cater to their every need. In this article, we'll explore some of the hotel amenities that can take your guests' experience to the next level.
  1. Hotel minibar:
A hotel minibar is a small refrigerator or cabinet that is stocked with snacks and drinks for guests to enjoy during their stay. While some guests may prefer to dine out or order room service, others appreciate the convenience of having snacks and drinks readily available in their room. Having a well-stocked minibar can enhance the guest experience and increase revenue for the hotel.
  1. Hotel smart lock:
Hotel smart locks are a modern alternative to traditional key cards or metal keys. These locks are designed to be more secure and easier to use, providing guests with a convenient and safe way to access their rooms. Smart locks can be controlled using a mobile app or a key card, and some models even allow guests to use their smartphones to unlock their room.
  1. Hotel electric kettle:
Many guests enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning or before bed, and a hotel electric kettle provides a convenient way to make this happen. These kettles are compact and easy to use, allowing guests to quickly heat up water for their favorite hot beverages. Offering an electric kettle in each room can increase guest satisfaction and make their stay more comfortable.
  1. Hotel room safe:
A hotel room safe is a small, secure box that is typically provided in each guest room. These safes allow guests to store their valuable items, such as cash, passports, and electronics, securely. Having a room safe can give guests peace of mind and increase their sense of security during their stay.
  1. Hotel key card:
A hotel key card is a small plastic card that is programmed to unlock a specific guest room. These cards are easy to use and offer better security than traditional metal keys. They can be programmed to expire at the end of a guest's stay, making them more secure and easier to manage for hotel staff.

Comparing Key Card Systems to Traditional Key Systems In Malaysia Hotels

Mar 22, 2023
Comparing Key Card Systems to Traditional Key Systems In Malaysia Hotels
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When it comes to hotel room access, there are two main options: traditional keys or hotel key card. In Malaysia, many hotels have switched to hotel key card systems as they offer numerous advantages over traditional keys. However, it's important to understand the differences between the two and determine which system is best for your hotel.

Traditional keys are easy to use and have been around for centuries. They are often durable and can be easily duplicated, which can be a security concern. Hotel key cards, on the other hand, are more secure as they can't be easily duplicated and can be programmed to expire after a certain period of time.

In terms of convenience, hotel key cards offer many benefits for guests. They are easy to use and can be quickly replaced if lost or damaged. They also allow for more customization, such as granting access to certain areas of the hotel or setting limits on room charges.

From a hotel management perspective, key card systems offer numerous advantages. They are easier to manage and can be programmed remotely, which saves time and money. They also provide more accurate tracking of room access, which can be helpful for security and accounting purposes.

In addition, hotel key card systems can enhance the overall guest experience by integrating with other hotel technologies, such as mobile apps and room automation. For example, guests can use the hotel key cards to control the temperature and lighting in their rooms, or to access hotel amenities such as the gym or pool.

At the hotel in Malaysia, a lot of hotels have made the switch to a hotel key card system to provide their guests with the best possible experience. Because hotel key cards are secure, customizable, and easy to use. They also integrate seamlessly with other hotel technologies to provide a personalized and convenient experience for hotel guests.

If you're looking for Malaysia supplier that offers the latest in hotel key card technology, look no further than ours. Our commitment to guest satisfaction and hotel security means that we're always looking for ways to improve our amenities, and hotel key card system is just one example of this dedication.

The Impact of Hotel Hair Dryers on The Environment and Sustainable Alternatives

Mar 22, 2023
The Impact of Hotel Hair Dryers on The Environment and Sustainable Alternatives
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As our country, Malaysia becomes increasingly aware of the impact of our daily choices on the environment, it's important to consider the sustainability of the amenities we use in our daily lives including hotel hair dryers.

Traditional hair dryers can be energy-intensive and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, but there are sustainable alternatives that can reduce the environmental impact of this essential hotel amenity. For example, many modern hotel hair dryers are designed with energy-efficient technology that reduces energy consumption, and some are even made with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled plastic.

In hotel room, we understand the importance of sustainability and have made it a priority to provide hotel guests with sustainable hair dryers. Our hair dryers are designed with energy-efficient technology that reduces energy consumption and minimizes our carbon footprint. In addition, we encourage our guests to use hotel hair dryers responsibly by providing information on energy-saving practices, such as using the low-heat setting and avoiding overuse.

By prioritizing sustainability in our hotel hair dryers, we're doing our part to protect the environment while still providing the high-quality amenities that hotel guests expect. Whether you're a business traveler who needs to get ready quickly or a leisure guest who wants to look their best, the sustainable hair dryers provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution.

If you're looking for a hotel that takes sustainability seriously, look no further than ours. Our commitment to sustainable hair dryers is just one example of our dedication to protecting the environment and promoting a more sustainable future.

The Safety Features of Modern Electric Kettles and Why They're Important In Hotels?

Mar 22, 2023
The Safety Features of Modern Electric Kettles and Why They're Important In Hotels?
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When it comes to providing a safe and comfortable stay for guests, hotels must prioritize the safety features of hotel amenities including electric kettles.

Modern hotel electric kettles are designed with a variety of safety features that are crucial to preventing accidents and injuries. These safety features include automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection, which can help to prevent the kettle from overheating or boiling dry, potentially causing a fire hazard.

In addition, many hotel electric kettles are designed with non-slip bases and handles, which can reduce the risk of accidents caused by spills or slips. And with advanced safety features such as child safety locks and temperature control settings, electric kettles are now more advanced and safer than ever before.

When it comes to hotels, safety should always be a top priority. By providing guests with modern electric kettles that are equipped with advanced safety features, hotels can ensure that their guests can enjoy the convenience and comfort of hot beverages without any safety concerns.

In addition, providing safe and reliable hotel electric kettles can also enhance the overall guest experience by demonstrating the hotel's commitment to guest safety and comfort. So, if you're looking to provide a safe and comfortable stay for hotel guests, be sure to prioritize the safety features of your electric kettles - your guests will thank you for it.

Best Practices for Training Hotel Staff on How to Operate and Maintain Digital Hotel Safes

Mar 1, 2023
Best Practices for Training Hotel Staff on How to Operate and Maintain Digital Hotel Safes
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Digital hotel safes have become a popular amenity in hotels, offering guests a secure place to store their valuables. However, to ensure that the hotel safes are used correctly and to minimize the risk of malfunction, it's essential to train hotel staff on how to operate and maintain them. Here are some best practices for training hotel staff on digital hotel safe operation and maintenance.
  1. Start with the basics: Provide a thorough overview of the hotel safe features and how to access them. Include information on how to open and close the safe, how to program and reset the code, and how to troubleshoot common issues.
  1. Hands-on training: Provide hands-on training with a mock hotel safe to allow staff to practice using the safe and get comfortable with its features. This allows staff to become familiar with the hotel safe’s operation and reduces the risk of errors.
  1. Ongoing training: Provide ongoing training and refresher courses to ensure that staff are up-to-date on the latest features and best practices for hotel safe operation and maintenance.
  1. Clear instructions: Create detailed instruction manuals or guides that can be easily accessed by staff. These guides should cover all aspects of hotel safe operation and maintenance, including troubleshooting tips, safety procedures, and maintenance requirements.
  1. Test and certify: Implement a testing and certification process to ensure that staff are properly trained and qualified to operate and maintain the safe boxes. This process can help to identify areas where staff may need additional training or support.
By following these best practices for training hotel staff on digital safe box operation and maintenance, hotels can ensure that their guests' valuables remain safe and secure throughout their stay. Additionally, well-trained staff can help to prevent issues and reduce the risk of liability for a hotel.

Minibars As a Revenue Generator for Hotels in Malaysia: Strategies and Best Practices

Mar 1, 2023
Minibars As a Revenue Generator for Hotels in Malaysia: Strategies and Best Practices
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In the highly competitive world of hospitality, hotels in Malaysia are always seeking for creative and innovative ways to attract customers to their hotels. One often-overlooked opportunity lies in the humble minibar.
When properly managed, a hotel minibar can be a lucrative source of income. But what are the strategies and best practices for maximizing this revenue generator?

First and foremost, it's important to offer a selection of items that will appeal to a broad range of guests. This means stocking the minibar with non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a variety of halal snacks and treats, because Muslim customers need to be considered in Malaysia. Partnering with local vendors to offer unique and regionally-specific items that guests won't find elsewhere.

Another key strategy is to regularly review and adjust pricing to ensure that it is competitive with local convenience stores and other nearby options. This means being mindful of fluctuating exchange rates and supply chain disruptions that may affect the cost of items.
Hotels should also consider using little thought to enhance their guests' minibar experience. For example, if a customer has birthday in this month or any anniversary celebration, the hotel can provide a small cake for free to increase the customer's goodwill towards the hotel.

In addition, it's important to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in hotel minibar operations. This includes regular cleaning and sanitization of the minibar fridge and items, as well as ensuring that staff handling minibar items are following proper health and safety protocols.

By following these strategies and best practices, hotels in Malaysia can turn their minibars into a valuable revenue generator. Don't overlook this untapped opportunity to enhance your bottom line while also improving the guest experience.

Malaysia Supplier: The Benefits of Hotel Electric Kettles

Jan 5, 2023
Malaysia Supplier: The Benefits of Hotel Electric Kettles
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Most of the hotel rooms have switched from a stovetop kettle to an electric kettle, because there is no risk for burns and avoid potential injury. These reasons will tell you why:
  • Portability
Advantages of using a hotel electric kettle in the rooms is that it can be used safely without worrying about the burn. For example, students staying in hotels on graduation trips, they need an electric kettle in their rooms very much. Since most of them are not very good at dealing with kitchen affairs at home, so the hotel electric kettle solves their problems. Because they only need to pour water and turn on the power to make a cup of tasty drink. In addition, they can have their hot drinks anytime and everywhere, because the hotel electric kettle is simply transportable.
  • Save On Your Electricity Bill
Electric kettles are the cost-effective option for every hotel rooms. Although it depends on the number of guests’ use. Compared to a gas stovetop or induction cooktop, an electric kettle consumes relatively little electricity. This factor helps hotels save a lot of money on the electricity bill.
  • Auto Shut off
Electric kettles are the best hotel appliances, safe and easy way to make a hot drink in the room. They have auto shut-off feature. When the water is sufficiently boiled, the appliance comes with in-unit temperature control and it automatically shuts itself, thereby preventing all kinds of accidents. The electric kettles are much safer than other cooking methods.
  • Best for Large Families
The guests who come to travel with family, the electrical kettle is very practical and made specifically for boiling water. This electric appliance can boil more than one cup within few minutes, so it’s perfect for larger groups.
  • Lots of option and design
If you are looking for a new or want to upgrade hotel kettles, there are many options available. Electric kettle can be more customizable than traditional ones. Electric kettles are the way of the future. It not only time-saving appliance but also save from guests’ worries by pouring hot water in the hotel rooms.

Style Your Hair In A Hotel Room

Jan 5, 2023
Style Your Hair In A Hotel Room
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Hotel hair dryer is the most helpful beauty tools that exist. They can use these small handheld hotel appliances on both wet and dry hair. Hotel guests can use it to achieve the perfect hair style during their vacation. Also, it relieves them of carrying electrical appliances in their luggage.

The demand of hotel hair dryers had only increased, because they are not only a convenient item to make available for guests, hair dryers also show that hotel or lodge is concerned with the minor details that might brighten someone’s day. Hotel hair dryer help the guests style the hair by using it to curl or straighten their hair strands. They help hotel guests make different hair styles according to their travel moods.

However, offering guests a lightweight hair dryer especially for women who are returning from outside or pool, who have just bathed and need to dry their hair quickly.

Aside from just styling, hotel hair dryer is specially designed for hotels or other establishments that focus on guest experience and comfort. So, hotel hair dryer designs to have features that cater to guests, such as lighter weight or wall-mounted.

Customizable, Portable and Fordable
Hotel hair dryers usually have customizable, portable and fordable options. The majority of hotels will request to customize their logo on the product to represent hotel image and identity. If you are looking for the suitable and commercial-grade hair dryer, we have the quality products with great features and benefits.

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Are Hotel Safes in Hotel Rooms a Good Idea?

Dec 30, 2022
Are Hotel Safes in Hotel Rooms a Good Idea?
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Yes, a new-tech hotel safe is a good idea if put in hotel room compared to a traditional key safe box. Even robbers are having difficulty unlocking the safes that are being manufactured with new technologies. Hotel guests will be not able to unlock the safes, because the new technologies ensure that the guests need to request the safes’ permission and passcode from hotel.

With the advancement of technology, there are hotel safes on the market that have also equipped with many smart features. In addition to modern design, high-tech safes have improved more security systems, such as anti-pry alarm, temporary passcode and master passcode.

If someone keys in the wrong number more than the specified number of times, the alarm will be turned on in a second and alert everyone that someone is in the room and near the hotel safes.

Not only keep guests’ valuable items.

Hotel safes also help to keep important documents especially for people on business trip. Nowadays, people have to keep a lot of essential documents during the business trip like customer data, meeting minutes, non-disclosure contracts and agreements, etc. Keeping them in the hotel safes is a very safe from any other thief.

Thus, purchasing a hotel safe can keep your essential documents and money. Also, the guests will add good impression to the hotel and they may come back because they will worry less. 

Let Hotel Safe Box Protects Your GuestsĄŻ Valuable Items

Dec 30, 2022
Let Hotel Safe Box Protects Your GuestsĄŻ Valuable Items
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As more and more people enjoying a sense of ritual, it is certainly not surprising that expensive items are exchanged as gifts. This includes Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day, where many gifts of jewellery are exchanged, including engagement rings.

Theft in Hotels: Reliable Ways to Prevent & Reduce Them

Hotel theft is fairly regular. Occasionally, hotel guests hoard hotel amenities from the room or staff members steal guests' valuable items while they are away.

What can you do?

  • Invest in a hotel safe
A good quality, independently tested and certified is very important to protect guests’ valuable items, it is because there are more and more unscrupulous clever thieves in today's society. A trusted company can ensure quality screening, provide professional advice on , and provide maintenance services.
  • Always change the master code
Most allow the hotel to program in a management override passcode. If hotel guests forget their passcode when check out and leaving the safe locked, hotel needs to use master code to open the when necessary. Also, essential for a hotel to change the codes regularly, it will ensure and offering hotel guests a that can protects their valuable items.
  • Upgrade the level of hotel safe’s protection
Some hotels may purchase safes from unknown companies, especially from online stores, which will cause great losses to the hotel. Because these companies may not provide warranty. So, once there is a problem with the safe such as the level of safe’s protection is too low or weak setting, then hotels have to bear for all the consequences. Therefore, have moved on in recent years, modern and compact designs are still able to provide high levels of protection.
  • Don’t leave it on display
People always like to display their valuable items, take photos, and share them on social media, as well as tag the hotel location. It makes them easy to see and draws attention. So, the plays its role at this time due to the guests’ careless behaviour.


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Keyless Door Locks Entry Into The Hotel Business

Dec 22, 2022
Keyless Door Locks Entry Into The Hotel Business
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The concept of “contactless” came with pandemic period. Even though the pandemic period is calming down, this “contactless” demand has not weakened. So, digital smart door locks are a great option for hotel businesses. First, it can help to reduce the risk of lost keys. Second, guests can complete the entire process of staying by themselves without asking front desk. And third, the most important smart door locks can offer a high level of security.

Keyless entry
🗸Guests can unlock their door with key cards, smart phone or passcode without providing them a physical key.
🗸To prevent lost key and it also saves bag space.
🗸Save the time to unlock the door with few seconds.
🗸 Even without a pandemic, keyless lock technology can bring convenience to guests and enrich their experience.

The lack of interaction, it can be more difficult to resolve complex issues.
✖ Not convenient to people who don’t have knowledge about technology.
✖ Technical or system error might cause hotels do not catch up the hotel room reservation.

Application of the digital smart lock scenario in Malaysian hotels

RFID Technology
RFID technology is widely used in hotel smart systems. Guests only need to scan access card at the card reading area that in front of the door lock.

Magnetic Technology
Normally hotel guests will get a magnetic key card from the receptionist at front desk, and then they can access hotel room by inserting the card to unlock the door.

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Safety and Security of The Guest is The Top Priority System for Hotels

Dec 22, 2022
Safety and Security of The Guest is The Top Priority System for Hotels
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When the guests check into a hotel, most people will first look at the hotel's security system, such as the door lock's safety, the presence of hotel safe box, if the closet is locked with a key, and so on. Consider that, it is necessary for hotels to build up a mature security system. Let's look at how an expert can help you choose smart door locks:

Hotel Door Lock
Smart door locks can be integrated to hotel management system. It is suggested to most of the hotel room entrances. Whether it is a hotel RFID card or magnetic key card, our door locks are very suitable for both. In addition, modern and stylish smart door locks are important if you want to match the interior design and hotel management system. Ventino offers you our reliable hotel door locks.
Hotel Door Lock Hotel Door LockHotel Door Lock System Hotel Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock
Fingerprint technology is widely used in various hotel and hospitality industries. Human fingerprint is very difficult to copy or modify and also no need to remember any passcode.

Cabinet Door Lock & Locker Lock
As the smart age develops, more and more guests will bring smart devices during travel, such as laptops, smartphones, earphones, etc. Therefore, these valuable items must be protected by digital cabinet locks. The digital cabinet lock is a perfect solution for ensuring the safety of the valuables of hotel guests.

Energy Saver
Energy saver is not only the perfect solution to bring convenience to hotel guests, but also the modern design that meet hotel brand image. It is saving energy and cost to prevent the air conditioning, lighting and other electrical devices from remaining on when guests are not in room.
If you are planning to install or upgrade the security system for your hotel, please do not hesitate to consult (Company name). We will provide you with professional advice on hotel smart door lock.

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The Must-Have In-room Amenities

Oct 25, 2022
The Must-Have In-room Amenities
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Hotel guests always rate a hotel based on its amenities, cleanliness, comfort and safety, that will enhance guests’ experiences and make them come back to the hotel. The whole world of the hotel and hospitality industry is constantly affected by developments that always follow the new trends. In this new era, the “classic” hotel amenities have turned into more modern, environment or customer-friendly, personalized and smart technology.
Therefore, the classic hotel room amenities, such as safe box, hair dryer, minibar/mini fridge, electronic kettle, toiletries, clean towel, telephone and TV, need to incorporate the following amenities, in order to compete with other hotels and follow the latest trends that are now necessary for a modern traveller:

1. High speed Wi-Fi connectivity
High speed internet is an essential investment for any modern . Every traveller is always looking for free access and fast internet, whether they are business people, families or youngsters. The quality of the hotel’s Wi-Fi would affect travellers’ decisions to come back and book the hotel. Reliable Wi-Fi network is essential for them, there are several issues that can affect hotel guest reviews:
  • Wi-Fi has to be fast or high speed and able to work perfectly even at maximum hotel capacity, because most of the hotel guests will use it for video call by Zoom, stream content, access to social media and so on.
  • The signal of Wi-Fi must be strong in all public areas, as well as in all rooms, from top floor to the ground floor. Good Wi-Fi will encourage travellers to use their social media accounts. They may post their experience, images and comments about the hotels.
2. Smart Room & smart technology
It’s the digital age, while ''classic'' might have worked in the late early 2000s, times have changed. Smart rooms are part of the lives nowadays, must be aware of the primary role of personalised service combined with modern smart rooms in overall travel behaviour.
Hotel guests can quickly and easily control their room through a mobile application or a device that controls all of these smart services. More specifically, guests can control or connect to the Smart TV without using a remote. 
The use of modern technology in the guest room creates an additional set of options that are linked to the guest's stay and the sale of additional services by the hotel.

3. Modern table with electronic kettle tray set
A desk has multiple uses for guests, such as placing their essential items, devices, laptops or tablets, while it is also one of the options for working in different areas. Moreover, guests can leave their electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets on the desk while they are outside.
In addition, an can be put on the desk, it allows hotel guests to brew some hot drinks in the morning.
4. Keyless entry system with smart door locks
Advanced RFID, pin and passcode, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection for have become more and more popular. With the innovation of technology, more and more mobile phone connections have matured.
Due to the emergence of COVID during recent years, more realize are important. It is not only to prevent germs on the key surfaces, but guests can use their mobile phones to lock and unlock the door instead. In this way make it easier and more secure for guests to enter their rooms without ever having to incur hotel fines for lost or miss place door keys.

5. Welcome gift

The welcome gift is to make a good first impression of the hotel for guests. When hotel guests enter the hotel room for the first time, giving a nice wrapped welcome gift, especially if it is made of local products or handcrafted skin care travel set. Therefore, hotels do not have to offer expensive or big gift to impress guests.

Excellent Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Impress Hotel Guests

Oct 25, 2022
Excellent Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Impress Hotel Guests
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Guests or travellers always have high expectations when it comes to the hotel experience. Beyond front desk service, room quality, cleanliness and safety, the hotel amenities you provide will also contribute to overall guest satisfaction. Hotels must explore some hotel amenity ideas that will benefit guest stays. For hotels or hospitality industry they want to increase their customer rate of return and attract new guests, focusing on the best amenities to let a hotel become more special. 

5 Hotel Amenity Ideas You Should Know:
1. High security
Hotel guests usually carry expensive electronic products such as camera, mobile phone, laptop or other essential items. For these items, hotel smart locks and hotel room safes could be used to ensure the high security of guest important items.

High-value assets require the highest level of protection, smart locks and hotel safes provide double protection for guests to avoid theft.

2. Include comfortable and convenient workspace
It would be very convenient if hotels arrange a room that includes a workspace, hotels should anticipate some of hotel guests will be attending to their business, office tasks, and even school events. Ensure hotels provide stable Wi-Fi connection, add an electronic kettle, tray set and serve with coffee or tea on the desk. 

3. In-room snacks, drinks and beverages
Stocked a in rooms. In-room cocktails, juices or beers. It's a plus for a that has a or , which not only brings convenience to guests but also allows guests to have a drink and chill with family or friends.

4. Kettle tray set
Kettle tray sets are a must for every hotel room. Hotels should consider buying kettle tray set because it is one of the necessary hotel appliances that able to brew Milo, coffee and tea. Hotels can free some delicious snacks and serve it with tray set, guests will brew a cup of drink and enjoy their tea time.
5. Hotel luggage rack
It makes hotel guests more convenient and comfortable to open their luggage in the hotel room. Don’t let hotel guests squat or sit on the ground in embarrassment to open the luggage. Guests are able to move the luggage rack flexibly according to their usage habits.

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How Can Hotels and Guests Prevent Theft?

Dec 3, 2021
How Can Hotels and Guests Prevent Theft?
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How Can Hotels and Guests Prevent Theft?


Preventing Hotel Staff Theft

While considerable care should be taken to ensure that hotel staff do not steal anything from the establishment, it is human nature to take chances. For the same reason, hotels have increased security to protect their assets.
The following are some of the steps taken by hotels to avoid theft:
  • During the hiring process, double-check the staff's credentials.
  • Teach your employees to be trustworthy and loyal.
  • Recognizing and rewarding trustworthy personnel.
  • Keep track of employee movements in the hotel with registers and surveillance cameras.
  • Provide all guests with a digital safe box in their rooms to keep their belongings safe.
  • Preventing hotel employees from carrying significant sums of money while on job.
  • Restricting the issuance of room key cards to employees
  • Having the security officer check and frisk the hotel staff when they exit the hotel after their shift.

Preventing Theft by Hotel Guests

There are many instances where a hotel guest commits theft, and hotel security must exercise extreme caution and observation to prevent such activities by the guest.
The hotel takes the following procedures to avoid guest theft:
  • All visitors staying at the hotel are asked to provide their personal identification;
  • Any suspicious actions of the houseguest are noted and prompt action is taken.
  • Any unauthorised movement will be harshly denounced and dealt with.

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Hotel Amenities Supplier: 6 Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Oct 29, 2021
Hotel Amenities Supplier: 6 Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests
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What exactly are hotel amenities?

A desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place is defined as an amenity. The possibilities for hotels are limitless. Toiletries and personal care supplies, such as hair dryers and shaving cream, are self-explanatory and should be available in every room. Coffee and tea sets, as well as a mini bar, are usually widely expected, as is some sort of complimentary breakfast. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, a fitness centre, free parking, and flat-screen TVs in rooms. But that's just the start.
Amenities like the ones listed above are becoming increasingly common, to the point where guests may no longer notice them. But it doesn't mean there aren't options for you to offer unique advantages.

What is the significance of hotel amenities?

At the end of the day, the hotel customer experience is everything, and hotel amenities go a long way toward making a guest's stay more enjoyable. Amenities like the ones described below are not only a great way to ''wow'' your visitors, but they can also be used as a selling feature and define a piece of your hotel's marketing plan.

Discover 6 hotel amenity ideas that will wow your guests:

Personalized welcome gifts

This is one of the simplest hotel amenity ideas on this list, but it's also one of the most straightforward to implement. Create a customised welcome gift based on what you know about your guests. You probably figured out why they're visiting (business, vacation, in town for a bachelorette party, etc.) during the booking process, and you know if they're travelling with family, kids, pets, or their spouse.
Have kid-friendly food, toys, or books in the room if they're travelling with children. If you're planning a romantic weekend away for a couple, put together a tiny container of chocolate-covered strawberries and some champagne. Surprising them by having it waiting for them in their room when they arrive.

Snack baskets with a regional flair

Give guests a flavour of your city by leaving a basket of food and drinks from local establishments in their rooms. It allows you to emphasise your destination's distinctiveness while pleasing customers with exciting freebies. It's also a terrific opportunity to promote and support your local small businesses. Consider offering other, more substantial forms of local food and drink as a for-purchase alternative if you have a grab-and-go snack station in your lobby or a coffee shop.

Cocktail stations and in-room bar carts

Mix up the offers of your in-room beverage selections to provide guests an alternate option to going out, whether it's a well-stocked bar cart with all the components, a modest mini bar, or an in-room custom drink station. Guests can enjoy as many drinks and nibbles as they desire.

Workout equipment and classes are available in the space

In-room fitness activities allow customers to stay fit while staying in the comfort of their own rooms.

Soaps, toiletries, and other items can be personalised

Sometimes it's the small details that make the biggest difference. This enables visitors to have customised soap bars in their rooms. The VIEW in Lugano, Switzerland, goes a step further, allowing guests to choose everything in the room, from the aroma and lighting to the toilet paper and pillows.

Free books and movies, as well as free snacks

Consider providing complementary books and movie rentals to visitors who aren't interested in board games or video games but still want a different type of in-room amusement. Deliver a free container of freshly-popped popcorn or have the ingredients for movie snacks right in the room if you want to add a little additional joy.

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7 tips to improve your hotel experience

Sep 8, 2021
7 tips to improve your hotel experience
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7 tips to improve your hotel experience

At the moment, many hoteliers must be delivering a decent (Read: ORDINARY) guest experience. But people don’t remember “decent”. They remember “EXTRAORDINARY”. They remember personalized experiences, which connect with them. On the other hand, as technology advances (and evolves) your guests’ expectations also increase.

Well, I have listed 7 tips to enhance your hotel guest experience during the stay as well.
  1. Train your staff to be attentive

Your staff is the ultimate point of contact for your guests, so it is essential to train them to deliver a better guest experience. Around 71% of the people love to hear their own name. Instruct your staff to welcome their guests by calling out their last name. For instance: “Hi. Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs.” Teach them to be polite in any situation. Your staffs’ appearance and body language have a huge impact on your guests’ experience as well as on your hotel’s reputation. Make sure your staff is dressed up in neat and pressed uniforms/clothes. They should have a welcoming body language. A timid and lazy body language won’t impress your guests at all.
  1. Level up your in-room amenities

Looking at the current scenario, I’m sure WiFi must be among your basic amenities. As more guests opt to travel with laptops, smartphones, and wearables, ensure that your hotel Wi-Fi is equipped to handle the extra bandwidth needed by all these devices. Moreover, these days, tech-savvy travellers have high expectations from hotels. You can provide them keyless entry to their rooms. (Keyless doors that open automatically when the guest arrives is one thing that is in trend these days.)
  1. Give complimentary services and gifts

It is important for you to show the guests that you care and for that, it is important to create emotional triggers. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Trust me, offering these small gifts and goodies enrich your hotel customer service. For the newly-weds, you can keep a bottle of complimentary champagne.  Complimentary goodies for guests to make their stay memorable
  1. Ensure cleanliness and maintenance

Believe me, most of the complaints on your front desk are for cleanliness and it totally ruins your guest experience. A neat and well-kept room is a part of providing a good hotel guest experience. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ignore the linens and towels. Always, verify that you are keeping fresh, clean linens and towels. You should also check whether the electronic appliances in the rooms are in working condition or not. This will reduce the number of complaints from the guests and will be an add-on to your hotel guest experience.
  1. Offer your hotel’s relevant amenities 

During your guest’s stay, offer them your hotel amenities by sending them messages. You can even reach out to them personally. Now, I would recommend offering hotel amenities by knowing the type of your guest. If they are leisure travellers you can offer them a spa or steam bath. Or you can even offer them guided tours to your locality. Your guests will certainly admire these endeavours from your end.  Amid all these activities, don’t forget to ensure the promptness of your service. Your guests definitely won’t prefer a delayed room-service. Make sure that you serve them quickly with whatever they have asked for.
  1. Remember their preferences

As I said earlier, personalized guest service is a sure-fire way to please your guests. Advanced hotel management systems help you achieve this at a pretty good level. These systems save your guest preferences along with their basic details. Whenever the guests come back, the system remembers this and alerts you to make arrangements accordingly. Even the smallest things like newspaper, coffee flavors, room view, floor choice; the system keep a track of all this information. These are really small gestures, but trust me, it will have a great impact on your hotel guest experience. Your guests will certainly remember these extra efforts and appreciate them.
  1. Listen to your guests’ complaints patiently

Listening is of great significance when it comes to guest satisfaction. Be all ears to your guests, when they are requesting, suggesting or complaining. Whenever you listen to their complaints calmly, they are more receptive to the offered solution. Active listening helps to avoid any miscommunication. It ensures that the expectation of the guests is clearly understood.
By adopting these ways, you can easily enhance your guests’ experience during their stay.

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4 Factors affect purchase decision of Hotel Door Lock System in Malaysia

Aug 27, 2021
4 Factors affect purchase decision of Hotel Door Lock System in Malaysia
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4 Factors affect purchase decision of Hotel Door Lock System in Malaysia

Hotel door lock system has traditionally been selected during the construction phase of the hotel in Malaysia. The reason for this is that the doors need to be ordered and prepped for the particular hotel door locks well in advance of the opening of the hotel. Especially for new builds, many times the decision on which hotel door lock system and hotel lock are chosen is made by the owner/developer and design/construction team. Most of the time the operational personnel who typically use the system (such as front desk, housekeeping, engineering, security and IT) are only brought on board closer to the opening of the hotel. As such, the input from these departments is not factored into the overall hotel lock system selection process.
The other way that hotel door lock systems are usually installed is during a time of a refresh or room upgrade. Due to the cost of the hotel door lock system, it is usually incorporated as part of an overall renovation. Again, the design team usually has a heavy hand on the overall decision making, and in most cases aesthetics and cost usually win over functionality and proposed security. However, there is the potential for operational, security and IT input into the overall decision making if the ownership group involves the property itself in the project.

4 factors involved in the decision of which hotel door lock system to purchase:

  1. How long the owner intends to keep the property. If they intend to sell the property in the next few years, they may opt to install a less expensive hotel lock system. If they intend to keep the hotel for the long term, they may be convinced to install a quality system that will last for a long time.
  2. The interface to the PMS. However, our hotel door lock system can also be linked to energy management and room automation systems, among others. As such, their ability to integrate, and in some cases share networks, can be reasons for the selection of a particular system.
  3. Hotel door locks should meet the fire rating code requirements. In most instances the doors need to be fire rated and the hotel door locks may impact the rating to the door. If the hotel locks contain plastic components, the question arises as to whether they are susceptible to melting as a result of the heat and will this affect the ability of a person to open the door and potentially escape a fire. While this has not appeared to have been an issue up until this point in time and most of the locks appear to be code compliant, it may be worthwhile looking into this issue if the hotel is contemplating the replacement of the system.
  4. Most of the traditional hotel door lock systems were controlled by the engineering department. They serviced the hotel locks, replaced the batteries, and in some cases interrogated the hotel locks when required. They were able to do this as the hotel door locks were primarily stand-alone devices and had limited interaction with other systems. This has all changed. Today’s RFID networkable hotel door lock systems interact with most key operational departments and are primarily the responsibility of the IT departments. The result is that the system has become much more than just a locking system, and due to the fact that it typically resides on the hotel’s administrative data network, it means that the hotel door lock system needs to adhere to the same security protocols and requirements as the rest of the applications. For this reason, many hotel door lock manufacturers request that the security team, as well as the IT and engineering departments, be involved in the selection process. The question then arises as to whether the hotels are equipped to address the change in roles, given that many hotels no longer have dedicated IT staff onsite to assist with the support of the network and system.
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Hotel Slipper: Malaysia No. 1 hotel amenities supplier

Aug 6, 2021
Hotel Slipper: Malaysia No. 1 hotel amenities supplier
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Hotel Slipper: Malaysia No. 1 hotel amenities supplier

Best Quality Hotel Slipper

Hotel slippers are becoming one of the most important amenities provided in hotels around the world. Hotel slippers have been designed for offering to the guests the option of moving around the room, bathroom included, in a comfortable and clean footwear.

Looking for high quality hotel slipper in Malaysia?

Guests have come to expect slippers in their hotel room. This small detail will enhance your reputation and upgrade even a basic hotel or B&B. Ventino Corporation offers a full selection of slippers from luxury to basic to suit every type of hotel and budget. Our slippers can be open or closed-toe with a choice of sizes, various materials as well as Spa, pool, wellness and beach slippers.

Our slippers can be personalized according to your budget and taste. Make your hotel one to come back to with the addition of this service which shows you care.
We are Malaysia best hotel slipper, minibar and hotel guest room amenities supplier. Contact us to get a quote of any hotel supplies that your hotels or resorts are looking for.
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