Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk with EVA Ready

22 Aug 2023
Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk with EVA Ready
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Evernet Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk certified EVA-Ready by Singapore Tourism Board

Veecom Corporation Pte Ltd has received the EVA-Ready accreditation for its Evernet Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

In alignment with Singapore's visionary Hotel Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025, STB champions the implementation of solutions that elevate productivity and enhance guest satisfaction. Our Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk seamlessly integrates with STB's innovative E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) system, which harnesses the power of facial recognition technology to effortlessly validate guests’ identities with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. The EVA-Ready program recognizes technology vendor like Veecom, capable of delivering hotel self check-in solutions that seamlessly connect with the EVA system. As proud EVA-Ready recipients, we gain access to the EVA application programming interface (API), empowering us to assist hotels in automating key aspects of the check-in process. Through advanced facial recognition, we facilitate hassle-free verification of international visitors' stay validity by matching passport photos to their actual faces.

Data Flow for EVA-Ready system, from STB EVA-Ready Program1

EVA Process for guests, from Singapore Tourism Board2

At Veecom, we are committed to revolutionizing guest experiences by integrating innovation and convenience. Our EVA-Ready Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk embodies this commitment, providing hotels with an unparalleled tool to elevate operational efficiency and exceed guest expectations.
Embark on a journey of elevated guest services with Veecom Corporation – Your EVA-Ready Solution Provider for Seamless Check-In Experiences. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can transform your hotel's guest services!

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