Let Hotel Safe Box Protects Your GuestsĄŻ Valuable Items

30 Dec 2022
Let Hotel Safe Box Protects Your GuestsĄŻ Valuable Items
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As more and more people enjoying a sense of ritual, it is certainly not surprising that expensive items are exchanged as gifts. This includes Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day, where many gifts of jewellery are exchanged, including engagement rings.

Theft in Hotels: Reliable Ways to Prevent & Reduce Them

Hotel theft is fairly regular. Occasionally, hotel guests hoard hotel amenities from the room or staff members steal guests' valuable items while they are away.

What can you do?

  • Invest in a hotel safe
A good quality, independently tested and certified is very important to protect guests’ valuable items, it is because there are more and more unscrupulous clever thieves in today's society. A trusted company can ensure quality screening, provide professional advice on , and provide maintenance services.
  • Always change the master code
Most allow the hotel to program in a management override passcode. If hotel guests forget their passcode when check out and leaving the safe locked, hotel needs to use master code to open the when necessary. Also, essential for a hotel to change the codes regularly, it will ensure and offering hotel guests a that can protects their valuable items.
  • Upgrade the level of hotel safe’s protection
Some hotels may purchase safes from unknown companies, especially from online stores, which will cause great losses to the hotel. Because these companies may not provide warranty. So, once there is a problem with the safe such as the level of safe’s protection is too low or weak setting, then hotels have to bear for all the consequences. Therefore, have moved on in recent years, modern and compact designs are still able to provide high levels of protection.
  • Don’t leave it on display
People always like to display their valuable items, take photos, and share them on social media, as well as tag the hotel location. It makes them easy to see and draws attention. So, the plays its role at this time due to the guests’ careless behaviour.


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