Excellent Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Impress Hotel Guests

25 Oct 2022
Excellent Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Impress Hotel Guests
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Guests or travellers always have high expectations when it comes to the hotel experience. Beyond front desk service, room quality, cleanliness and safety, the hotel amenities you provide will also contribute to overall guest satisfaction. Hotels must explore some hotel amenity ideas that will benefit guest stays. For hotels or hospitality industry they want to increase their customer rate of return and attract new guests, focusing on the best amenities to let a hotel become more special. 

5 Hotel Amenity Ideas You Should Know:
1. High security
Hotel guests usually carry expensive electronic products such as camera, mobile phone, laptop or other essential items. For these items, hotel smart locks and hotel room safes could be used to ensure the high security of guest important items.

High-value assets require the highest level of protection, smart locks and hotel safes provide double protection for guests to avoid theft.

2. Include comfortable and convenient workspace
It would be very convenient if hotels arrange a room that includes a workspace, hotels should anticipate some of hotel guests will be attending to their business, office tasks, and even school events. Ensure hotels provide stable Wi-Fi connection, add an electronic kettle, tray set and serve with coffee or tea on the desk. 

3. In-room snacks, drinks and beverages
Stocked a in rooms. In-room cocktails, juices or beers. It's a plus for a that has a or , which not only brings convenience to guests but also allows guests to have a drink and chill with family or friends.

4. Kettle tray set
Kettle tray sets are a must for every hotel room. Hotels should consider buying kettle tray set because it is one of the necessary hotel appliances that able to brew Milo, coffee and tea. Hotels can free some delicious snacks and serve it with tray set, guests will brew a cup of drink and enjoy their tea time.
5. Hotel luggage rack
It makes hotel guests more convenient and comfortable to open their luggage in the hotel room. Don’t let hotel guests squat or sit on the ground in embarrassment to open the luggage. Guests are able to move the luggage rack flexibly according to their usage habits.

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