How Can Hotels and Guests Prevent Theft?

03 Dec 2021
How Can Hotels and Guests Prevent Theft?
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How Can Hotels and Guests Prevent Theft?


Preventing Hotel Staff Theft

While considerable care should be taken to ensure that hotel staff do not steal anything from the establishment, it is human nature to take chances. For the same reason, hotels have increased security to protect their assets.
The following are some of the steps taken by hotels to avoid theft:
  • During the hiring process, double-check the staff's credentials.
  • Teach your employees to be trustworthy and loyal.
  • Recognizing and rewarding trustworthy personnel.
  • Keep track of employee movements in the hotel with registers and surveillance cameras.
  • Provide all guests with a digital safe box in their rooms to keep their belongings safe.
  • Preventing hotel employees from carrying significant sums of money while on job.
  • Restricting the issuance of room key cards to employees
  • Having the security officer check and frisk the hotel staff when they exit the hotel after their shift.

Preventing Theft by Hotel Guests

There are many instances where a hotel guest commits theft, and hotel security must exercise extreme caution and observation to prevent such activities by the guest.
The hotel takes the following procedures to avoid guest theft:
  • All visitors staying at the hotel are asked to provide their personal identification;
  • Any suspicious actions of the houseguest are noted and prompt action is taken.
  • Any unauthorised movement will be harshly denounced and dealt with.

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